Wednesday, September 6

Last day of school!! (This week... (And other things!))

Also until tomorow when I have more Adult classes to teach!

First week of the new term has been ok. I do 25 hours teaching a week, which doesn't take into account hours spent at work/hours preparing/over-time in scheduled lessons etc. which would put it upto about 35 - 37 hours I'd imagine. Aiya!

Have to be active, smiley, churpy, jumpy, fun and not angry for that many hours a week is a bitch. If I wasn't constantly in view of parents/students I could take a break for a few minutes, but they're EVERY WHERE! Which means 'happy face' every where. Not that I don't enjoy it, I love the job (at the moment, but some of the older (in years alive) teachers say it'll get to me sooner or later, how optimistic!). Teaching is a great time usually.

This week has been great, except maybe 3 of my classes, which puts me into an optimistic mood going into the next 7 days.

My Adult classes, I have 2 classes I teach for 1.5 hours twice a week, were good. I was a bit worried about it; new class format, older students (conciderably), different student goals/aims and the fact that 95% of them are older than me (infact I think I only have 1 younger than me, not that they know my age).

But after the classes I was pretty buoyant. Everyone seemed active, like they wanted to learn, like they would try and that they could learn. There were some nice people there, good personalities (Kobe (named after the basketball player) is 42 years old, balding and hillarious. Keeps finishing off my scentences and doing quirky things. Constantly takes the piss out of people in class in Chinese then looks dumb-founded when I understand). So after the initial nerves I'm looking forward to my next class (Tomorow... shit!). But I must do it, for Joy! She needs to learn English so she can talk with her Australian husband and live there. And for the... other one! Who is moving to America (90% of Chinese people's dream) and is hating the idea and doesn't want to go, she loves the China, and so do I!

Gona start updating more regularly now aswel. In the week I teach on Tuesday - Thursday, but these are evening classes (w00t!) which start at 5:45 (Weds) and 6:00 (Tues/Thurs) which is definately working well at the moment. I get the hole week to lie in, work a bit at night, then intencive on Sat/Sun. The week end kills me, but it's ok, I get the next few days to recover.

Other news; I bought an NDSL (Nintendo DS Lite) last Friday, cost me 1800 Yuan for everything I needed for it (the DSL it's self, case, screen guard, adaptor for plugs, 'illegal hax0r memory card' 1gb and cart to use the 'illegal hax0r memory card'.) and games are free and illegal. I get 21 - 25 on the card which is ideal as I don't have to carry anything extra around. It's hand-held, cool and brilliant for traveling. It will also save me money in the long run so I can save (now I don't have to go out and drink/shop as much).

I think I'm buying a computer. Well mum says her and mah pa' will help me buy it 1/3 each or something like that, which is useful. It's good not having a computer (on the get out alot more than I would if I had one side of things) but it's getting a bit hectick. In Xi'an I don't go to internet bars, so I only check the net at work, I can't Skype people back home as much (a worry cause I never know how Dad/Gran will be feeling health wise (Worry!)) and a computer's just damn useful for everything from teaching and emailing to music and movies for my mp3.

I was going out with a girl called Sophia for two weeks. Thought it would last, got a lovely TXT the other day at Craig's (my friend/boss) house saying "Bla, bla, bla [that's the short version] you're really handsome, funny, lovely, sexy, the bext person ever etc. etc. But I can't be your girlfriend cause [bull shit excuse] you're younger than me [/bull shit excuse]. Can we still be best friends". In England that would be complete bull shit, in America you'd get a baseball bat and smash her place up for saying that (via txt!) but in China it's normal. The reason is valid in Chinese thinking/society/culture which is what is even more infuriating and idiotic. Conclusion; Chinese girls are using me for sex. One of the few highly developed (kinda) societies in the world which is still VERY traditional in romance (The amount of times I've heard from students that if I kiss a boy I'm probably going to marry him.) and I manage to sleep with a myriad (what a good word!) of Chinese girls in no-time, none of which want anything long-term, the one thing I'm looking for. I'm not angry, I just find it funny. If beautiful girls want to use me for sex, so be it. But I really am looking for a long-term girlfriend and it seems impossible.

There must be other news but I can't think what it is... I got a new room-mate? His name is Elliot, pretty cool guys, lived here for a while (In Xi'an) and seems solid. Met him a few times before at work and out-side work but didn't know him that well. Looking forward to getting to know him better.

Also concidering going back to England for 1 month or 2 months after my contract ends here to see family, but that is pure theorising and may not happen. Depends purely on job prospects in China (ideally some sort of pormotion inside Aston).

Probably going to update more in the next few days when things come to my head, sorry for all the typo's, too lazy to use that pretty 'ABC' spell-check button.

Ohh, another Chinese teacher here, cool guy called Alex, just gave me this deep comment to start a potentialy riveting conversation; "I've never had sex with a foreign girl, only Chinese, but the Chinese girls just lie there like a dead fish. What are your thoughts on this?"

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