Monday, August 21

Fame... !

I've been on TV 3 or 4 times, in the newspapers numerous times, I'm currently on a poster out side the Government building in my old city, me being the lover of the Chinese government I am, but I have never done radio... until Saturday D:~

Finally a radio appearance! I was on Xi'an Music Radio (or something), the biggest station in the province. Naturally I was doing the Culture show for... Wales (I'm so bloody cultured after all)! I was bigging up the land of my name-sake superbly. Giving the 1.5 million listeners information such as; Wales only has 10 residence but 5 million sheep, Wales has some mountains, Cardiff is the capital of Wales, Wales is beautiful and I may want to live there someday, Cardiff and Aberitswyth have ok Universities and Wales has a dragon on it's flag! All stunning facts that you could only find on Xi'an Music Radio. I must say, I foresee an influx of Chinese people into Wales purely because of my quality radio show. I also got to play some obscure Hip Hop on radio from my MP3 player, which was interestingly cool. Akira the Don (the closest I could think of to Welsh music on my player) is on UK radio a bit, and now he's a regular feature here on Chinese radio to!

It was a smallish show, and only 1.5 million listeners, but it pays the bills.

Alex and Gregor, my Project Trust flat mates, left Xi'an for Beijing yesterday. They're getting a flight back to the UK in 3 days. I'm all alone! Just me and m fans...

Also got my wallet stolen whilst out with friends on Saturday.... bollocks! On the plus side it means I get to go shopping for some more stuff. A wallet, naturally, and I guess I need a new bag and some more trousers... definitely!

Now to plan my lesson... blah!


Anonymous said...

Bangor university looks nice. Not sure what it's like on the inside though...

Mel said...

Send a shout out to me from the airwaves, you worldly man. Recorded in a sound file too would be nice, and sent promptly to me via YSI, since I don't get Xi'an here in Toronto.

Hearts and love, from Mel ~

P.S. Play Stars. I might send you the song. Ho, ho.