Thursday, August 24

Last day of school!!!

Until I start again on the 4th of September...

But hey, alot of crazy party stuff, games, food etc. all when I'm feeling a bit rough from going out last night.

And later today, at about 9, I'm off to Chengdu (which is south west of Xi'an on the map just below) for about 5 days with a Chinese friend I know who lives there.

That means a fucking huge Buddha carved into a mountain (the biggest in the world), pandas and VERY spicey food. China's normal food is spicey and this place is the home of spicey food... get me? And I'm having typichal Sichuan/Chengdu dishes prepared for me by my friends mum... aghh! Scared!

Off to teach/perform Snow White in 10 minutes to parents.

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