Tuesday, January 27

WOW; Long Time!

So, this blog got blocked whilst I lived in China and never updated again. I was just searching for information about 平凉 (Pingliang City in Gansu Province) and I saw it. Brilliant stuff.

I am too scared to read it now, and I think I have a lot of updating to do on this bad boy.

Last time I wrote on this I was a foreign teacher at Aston in Xi'an. In Feb 07 I went from teacher to Assistant Manager of the school in Yanliang district of Xi'an. I was the assistant manager for a year, then returned to Xi'an for some well earned break (read: a 15 hour a week contract at Aston location 2). After 9 months doing that I decided to return home and sort out Uni so I can hopefully have a future in, or related to China.

I'm now in Merton, near Okehampton, Devon and am rather embarassed by the ammount of 拼音 (pinyin - romanized Chinese) errors in my Chinese; hehe.

I might update this soon,


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