Friday, October 27

Not only am I...

Yes, not only am I a quiz genius (I've now won the quiz two weeks in a row!) BUT I am also...


The Cao Rou Champion of Aston Schools China! What that means is I am fucking brilliant at eating Cao Rou (that's kebabs) and I can also drink beer.

The challenge was 100 skewers of cao rou and 5 bottles of beer in 100 minutes. The results? I ate 100 + cao rou and three 625 ml bottles of beer in 8 minutes and finished the last two bottles in another 15 minutes. My closest competitor finished 1 minute after me, he was also sick 3 minutes after I finished forfeiting his place as the second best eater. The third person to finish was... ughh... god knows who and how long they took to finish but they weren't very good what ever happened to them.

This challenge was also going on simultaneously across China in a few other cities and they were destroyed by my families great eating and drinking genes.

And, aghh, it's halloween soon and I still need to find a costume. There's also two parties to attend then and teaching... gona be a busy night. Another quiz on Sunday and I have to attend to keep my mighty quiz crown and because my friend is the quiz master.

Too much stuff to do in little China.

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