Monday, October 9

Aghh, I'm shit at the internet

I like... suck at ever writing on the internet, I always remember to do something walking on the way to work then forgot 12 hours later walking back home... DUH!

I will honestly doobley try and post more here for people (maybe two people will read this!).

Since last post I have;

Started playing football again (it was fun playingm and just as much fun buying the clothes I needed to play! Shopping and sport in one day, yay!) but now my body aches a bit more than usual...

Moved my school. Not a new job, but we all had to move our school from one location to another... well 'had' to. The Chinese teachers were made to, and we like them, they're our friends, so we helped them all out. It's a bit fucking mean making the Chinese teachers do it (slave labour like ya) especially as 15 of them are women, 3 are men.... they can't be lifting those heavy things. Chinese women are paper thin and weak as kittens, gotta love 'em.

Started growing some near beard like action (too lazy to shave). Rawr, so manly and sexy I know! And with my current head band phase, red hair, red England shirt (football shopping!) my facial structure and rugged beardyness looks damn good.

Worked hard! Just so you know, I do work damn hard teaching English, it's not just messing about, but is extremely fun and makes you sometimes feel like you're making some small difference to peoples lives.

Had a small holiday, got very drunk (5 + litres of the vodka, tequilla and bacardy were drunk, maybe more, between us 4 people) and got attacked by out of town drunk Chinese people who don't like sexy white folks. This has resulted me swearing off hard-alcohol for 6 months... I'll try atleast!

What I need to do;

Go shopping.... RIGHT NOW! I am not shopping whilst I am writing this, and I need new trousers... arawr!

Use Skype and phone y'all. I'm sorry for not phoning, I could've, but I just have been lazy. Gona phone people tonight.

If anyone would like me to phone them, email me;

Join the gym... aghh, but I need a boss sort of bloke to go with me to get our company discount.

Get a Chinese bank-account! I don't like walking around with huge ammounts of Chinese currency. Having 10,000 Yuan in your pocket after pay day is not as fun as it sounds when you walk down dark alleys to gt home.

Now, more posting, maybe pictures (Need to buy a web cam!) soon.


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