Monday, October 16

Pub Quiz

I won a freaking pub quiz, booya!

At around 11pm last night me and 4 friends managed to kick ass and win the GZ Jazz Bar's pub quiz by an out=standing margin of three points! Brilliant I know, it takes a certain type of person to win a quiz against a field of enemies as deadly as ours was. It was neck and neck through out a good portion of the quiz, but when we slammed down our 'Joker' (double points) on the China round there was no looking back. 18 out of a possible 20 there, just as good as our domination of the Sports round which we won with a score of 9/10.

I must say, this will go down in the analls of quizzes as a great day!

After winning we received our prize, a bottle of barcardi. Although I wasn't up for drinking at all my team mates managed to finish it, and we shared the wealth with those other teams who we dominated so easily.

All in all a fun night, although I was slightly dissapointed by the fact that no muslim kebab men were open at 3;45am where I lived, you could get everything else but muslim kebab sandwhich goodness.... GIVE ME MY CAO ROO SANDWHICH.

P.s. I'm so tempted by buying a Sony Reader, but I don't trust the first generation. Sony Reader is the portable book device... thing. It needs further examining, to be tested and the price to go down first though.

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